Corporate Overview

Corporate Overview

Responding to customer needs with reliable quality, optimal delivery time, and global network.

Company Name

PT Uchimura Indonesia

About Us

We are a trading company specializing in industrial parts that handles rubber products, resin products, and metal products. For over 20 years in Indonesia, we have been in charge of international logistics for customers in the fields of construction machinery and industrial machinery.

Our Mission

1. Proposal of optimal solutions that customers can specialize in and concentrate on their core business.
2. Providing services as well as selling parts as a trading company.

Our strengths

1. 3PL that can be realized by close cooperation from Indonesia to Japan headquarters and affiliated companies in each country.
2. Support for local procurement by specialists who are familiar with the circumstances of each country.
3. JIT delivery from the base warehouse.
4. Strict quality control in the quality assurance department (Japan Headquarters).